Wega II / Nova II with PI control– the first Chilled Beam for true demand controlled ventilation

With the new WEGA and NOVA II Chilled Beams Fläkt Woods deliver unique, flexible and future proof solutions for flexible, comfortable and energy indoor environments!

The new WEGA II and NOVA II can deliver much more airflow on the same noise level as previous version ranging from 0 to 60 l/s on 240 cm length chilled beam using a seamless nozzle adjustment. It's easy to find just the airflow that fits every situation. And within a very wide airflow range! In other words, with the same beams we can change the layout from a single office to large offices, group and meeting rooms.

The other revolutionary part when we have launched the first version of WEGA and NOVA was moving from a traditional chilled beam with constant airflows into an intelligent VAV product. Our new WEGA II and NOVA II is pressure independent, just like a normal VAV damper. The accessory needed for pressure independent functionality is Pi (Pressure Independent) actuator.

Draught-free ventilation is guaranteed with our technology as we adjust the nozzle opening and ensure that the Coanda effect is maintained. And of course that it is Pressure Independent, i.e. you have the same nozzle opening at different flows but within the range 40-140 Pa and nozzle setting 0-36 mm, we have checked the Coanda effect. There is a big difference compared to opening/closing an ordinary damper.

WEGA II (for recessed installation) and NOVA II (for exposed installation) are true innovations in line with Fläkt Woods promise to the market “We Bring Better Air to Life”. Learn more by contacting nearest representatives .