Ever since the beginning of last century Fläkt Woods designs, manufacture and market high-quality Air Technology products. Energy efficiency and high quality products forms part of the DNA of Fläkt Woods, and has always been a priority since the outset of the Company because of the harsh climate conditions in the Nordics countries.

With our customers in mind, we develop long-lasting innovative products which help reduce energy consumption, based on our e³ concept taking care of the in-door and out-door Environment, providing Economical solutions enabled through Fläkt Woods application Expertise. In this way, we play a major part in securing long-term sustainable, environment-friendly and profitable development for our customers and society at the same time.

In these pages you can find a selection of certificates obtained for Fläkt Woods products and you can read more about Fläkt Woods dedication to e³ solutions to the benefits of our customers.

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Please do not utilize certificates that are not up to date. Written confirmation from authorized Fläkt Woods personnel on latest certificate in vigour is required. The certificates on this website are all updated regularly and are in force.


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